HELP! I can no longer maintain my Gnome apps

Hi everyone,

I joined the US Marines last April, my ship date was Oct 7.
10 minutes ago I just got a call to ship to boot camp by
1 o'clock. This leaves my two gnome applications orphaned:


Gnewspost is a GNOME frontend to Newspost, an NNTP binary news poster.

Wildcard is a mass file renaming utility written in Perl and targeted
for Gnome.  

If someone will please take these applications, host them on a
website, and hopefully maintain them I would be very grateful.
You are welcome to use the webpages I already have written for the

I am removing the applications from the Gnome website and freshmeat.
So if you decide to take over Gnewspost and Wildcard, you will have to
re-add them.

Please Please Please contact me before 12:30 today.

Austin Shaw Hall
PGP Public Key:

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