Login Failures

Several of my fellow developers have Gnome working
on HP-UX.11i. However, I cannot get it to work.

After I login, I see the gnome logo and startup icons,
and then I get a blank screen. The logs have sometimes
shown an error with the client connecting. I reinstalled
everything and now :0.log is zero length, so I don't have
the error available, and it doesn't reappear on login.

I compared all of my permissions with the other systems
and they are in synch, at least as much as I can see.

I created a dummy account that exhibits the same
problem as my personal account, so I don't think there
is anything in my personal account in particular that
is causing the problem.

However, logging in as root works, so it is probably
a permissions problem.

I suspect it is just one little nit that I can't find.

Any suggestions?

I can provide more info if needed. I understand this
problem is vague.


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