Setting default open with programs in Gnome2

I've installed several version of Gnome2 right from the near first
snapshot up until the official and all the new version of the programs.

(wiping out my  home directory each time, just in case)

One thing has plagued it, and that's the mime type settings.
it seems some are set and some arn't.
Yet if you check in the main settings they are associated with a

If I have say a zip file, if I click it I get the usual Nautilus cannot
open, so I then go to the select a program to open with from the options
it provide and this works great, I can select say 'fileroller'.
I then ok it and click on the file again and get the same menu, I then
go back through the same options, but this time it listed to use file
It not listed on the application when I right click either.

Also manually going to the settings to select it as well doesn't hold
the settings.

Is GConf responsible for this?
Is so is there a workaround, as this is starting to get a tad annoying.

The above was an example (fileroller does open when clicking zip files),
but I can give some real example if wanted.


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