Transparent gnome 2.0 desktop

Hi all,

I am using default gnome installation in RH 7.3.

What I would like to do is the following:

  1. Execute X server on my w2k machine ( I work with Exceed 6.2) in a XDMCP mode.
  2. Login to my Linux.
  3. Configure the panel to be seen only when got focus and put it on the top of the desktop.
  4. Configure the background of the desktop to be transparent.

This way I want to get a full win/linux desktop, when focusing to the top of the desktop I will get a gnome panel, and when focusing on the bottom – a windows panel.


Unfortunately I have no idea and found nothing in doc. About the possibility to do so in gnome, but it was in older versions.

If it is not possible maybe disabling the whole desktop and leaving the panel alone might work, but I could not find how to do it either.




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