Re: Favourites menu vanished in Gnome2

Mark McLoughlin wrote:

On Tue, 23 Jul 2002, Alexander Larsson wrote:

No. All references to favorites and ability to add them were removed from
the panel.

	I don't remember doing this, so chances are I didn't ..

	George, Glynn, Calum, Nils, Seth - any of you guys remember
when and why this was done ?

OK I fess up, it's all my fault. I think it was done for a number of reasons...

1) Back last Autumn when we did the menu redesign the consensus was that it
   was bad to only have ONE place where users could have their own menu items.
   If a user wants to add a game, why do they have to put it into favorites,
   why can't they put it into 'games'.

2) The big (WRONG) assumption was that there was going to be proper menu
   editor that would allow a user to add items anywhere in the menus, not
   just one special place.

3) And if 2) ever happens then any user can still create a favorites menu.

/me runs


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