Re: Favourites menu vanished in Gnome2

Nils Pedersen <n p sun com> writes:

> Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> > On Tue, 23 Jul 2002, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> >
> >>No. All references to favorites and ability to add them were removed from
> >>the panel.
> >>
> > 	I don't remember doing this, so chances are I didn't ..
> > 	George, Glynn, Calum, Nils, Seth - any of you guys remember
> > when and why this was done ?
> >
> OK I fess up, it's all my fault. I think it was done for a number of reasons...
> 1) Back last Autumn when we did the menu redesign the consensus was that it
>     was bad to only have ONE place where users could have their own menu items.
>     If a user wants to add a game, why do they have to put it into favorites,
>     why can't they put it into 'games'.

This is a misunderstanding of the purpose of favorites. Favorites wasn't meant
to be a place where to add your app installed in ~/bin ... the right way to
do that is simply to merge the menus from ~/share/applications into the menus.

Favorites was meant to be a way of dealing with the huge number of items in
the menus on a typical system ... once you find something once, it was supposed
to be really easy to add it to favorites so you could find it again.


  * This was in conjunction with the idea that people would be encouraged
    to use Nautilus as the primary way of exploring applications so users
    would never have to navigate huge menu heirarchies.

  * Of course, with the vfolders, there are other approaches to the "millions of
    items" approach, such as "Applications / All applications". But they 
    aren't particularly easy to customize.

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