Re: Favourites menu vanished in Gnome2


I did not remove it. It doesnīt work with a pure gnome2 install because the 
directory that the favorites:// uri points at ~/.gnome/apps is not created so 
the uri always failed in nautilus. (check out the original vfs desktop method 
for info on this) I did not remove the code from the panel either. All I did 
was remove a non working .desktop file that pointed at a non-working uri from 
the build.

Itīs trivial to add favorites back into nautilus. I have no idea why it was 
removed from the panel. Please donīt accuse me of doing something that i 
didnīt do. Personally I would like to see this functionality readded to 
nautilus and gnome.


Luis Villa <louie ximian com> said:

> For the nth time, no one except DaveB has decided to remove favorites.
> It's all still quite there and quite useful. I wish people would go
> ahead and (1) not make decisions for the entire community and (2) not
> pay attention to people who do that, especially when they say things
> that are patently and obviously incorrect.
> Luis


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