Re: Favourites menu vanished in Gnome2

For the nth time, no one except DaveB has decided to remove favorites.
It's all still quite there and quite useful. I wish people would go
ahead and (1) not make decisions for the entire community and (2) not
pay attention to people who do that, especially when they say things
that are patently and obviously incorrect.

On Tue, 2002-07-23 at 03:46, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> On Tue, 23 Jul 2002 bordoley msu edu wrote:
> > OK so now that we at least in theory have menu editing, it was decided to 
> > remove favourites. If you have a parallel install of gnome favourites as a uri 
> > in nautilus may still work however with pure gnome2 installs favourites 
> > doesn´t work so it was removed from the ui in nautilus. At some time in the 
> > future I would like to see nautilus bookmarks removed and replaced with a 
> > favourites folder like in mac os, that is if i can convince the maintainers.
> It was never decided to drop favourites. It just silently happened, an 
> nobody i've asked know why or who decided it. I really dislike the fact 
> that i had to remove favorites from nautilus since it got removed 
> elsewhere. 
> I really like favorites, I think it's the only sane form of menu editing 
> facilities for "mom and pop" type of users, and i strongly dislike it 
> disappearing.
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