Re: Favourites menu vanished in Gnome2

OK so now that we at least in theory have menu editing, it was decided to 
remove favourites. If you have a parallel install of gnome favourites as a uri 
in nautilus may still work however with pure gnome2 installs favourites 
doesn´t work so it was removed from the ui in nautilus. At some time in the 
future I would like to see nautilus bookmarks removed and replaced with a 
favourites folder like in mac os, that is if i can convince the maintainers.


Mark C <gnome-lists blueyonder co uk> said:

> I'm currently using Gnome2, but I have noticed that the Favourites menu
> has now vanished, is there a way to get it back (if supported) or a work
> around?
> As Ive got a lot of programs that install to that, thus in Gnome2, I
> cannot use them unless I try to hunt the settings down and manually
> create launchers for them (which gets annoying when ever you install a
> program), this would also ease compatibility with programs that sue this
> method.
> Cheers
> Mark
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