Umm... hey there.

Just subscribed to the list... don't know much about it, but I have a rather large 
problem with Gnome (it rules and everything, when I can boot into it).

I'm computer savvy, and all, but not quite too Unix savvy yet, only been on Solaris for 
about one year.  

Ok, to the point... Every time I boot into Gnome (Gnome 1.4, Solaris 8), it displays 
the Suspend/Shutdown/Cancel menu, and promptly suspends the machine.  I hit the 
power button to restart, and it shuts down on me.  No error messages, nothing.  I 
boot back up, load CDE, and everything runs just fine.  I hate CDE.

Has anybody run into this or something similar? 

Is there a settings file I can delete (without Admin access, this is on a Solaris 
development cluster on which I am not an administrator), or maybe some tweak I 
can make to prevent that from happening again? Just something so I don't have to 

Thanks in advance.
KevinKevin J. Wallace
Compaq Federal, LLC
kevin j wallace compaq com

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