Gnome 2

Hello group,

I just finished building Gnome2 under LFS from source.  I have
one problem and one question.

The problem I have is I get now sound from gnome for events.  I have
enabled sound in gnome-sound-properties and if I go under
the "Sound Events" Tab and click play I hear the sounds fine.  I know
it is not an audio problem.  I also build KDE 3 from source and have sound
in KDE.  I also had sound from my gnome 1.4 build I had.

The question is, is there a way to make metacity to *not* show the
window content whild moving or resizing?

Thanks for any help,

Jim Drabb

James Drabb JR - Programmer Analyst - Orlando, FL - JDrabb cfl rr com

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