Re: Screensaver problem

Yes control center seems to have about as much control over the
screensaver and xlockmore as I do of my 12 y/o neice. No matter what I
do, I cannot get Gnome to invoke xlockmore when I select "Lock Screen"
from the panel menu.


On Thu, 2002-01-31 at 14:53, David Whitmarsh wrote:
> I have configure my gnome desktop to use a specific screensaver after
> 120 minutes, with a password. However, sometimes, I get a random
> screensaver after just a few minutes, which clears without a password (I
> think this is the default gnome behaviour)
> I'm running gnome 1.4 from redhat 7.2. The home directory was originally set
> up under older versions and was behaving correctly under ximian gnome
> 1.4, redhat 7.1. The root and usr partitions are from a clean install of
> redhat 7.2 (format ans start from scratch - not an upgrade).
> I'm not sure if it's relevant but my desktop is drawn by gmc - nautilus
> was just too slow and flaky
> Any ideas?
> David
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