Re: how to change gnome2 default font ?

Xiong Jiang <jxiong offtopic org> writes: 
> If pangox.aliases is what I need, where can I find the document 
> or any example ?  Furthermore where can I find information about these
> gnome2 conf files ?  They are supposed to be known to not only
> distribution makers, but users as well, right ?

Users shouldn't need them, really, once GNOME has a control panel to
change the font. 

pangox.aliases is in pango/examples/pangox.aliases in the Pango
tarball. Maybe you didn't install the "examples" subdirectory?

XftConfig is an XFree86 config file, not a GNOME config file. There
isn't a GNOME-specific config file.

The gtkrc setting is now called font_name and it wants a Pango font
name, e.g.:

 font_name = "Sans 14" 
 font_name = "Arial 16"

So you could also just add such a setting to ~/.gtkrc-2.0 

But really the "Sans" alias should work in Chinese, for a correct GTK


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