Re: Some example code for a new crash handler

On 11 Jan 2002, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Hongl Lai <hongli telekabel nl> writes: 
> > I have made a small example program that displays a crash dialog, but
> > lets the main program alive so the user can save any open documents
> > before closing the program.
> > The code is attached in this email (2.1 KB).
> > 
> > I think GNOME 2.0 should handle crashes this way.
> > Comments? Suggestions? Flames? Trolls? ;-)
> It just doesn't work - there is no way to "recover" from segv.
> Most typically I'd expect you'd get dialog after dialog as the initial
> segv resulted in more and more segvs. Worst case you could get
> dangerous behavior such as writing memory garbage to files.
> The right solution here is twofold: a) features such as auto-backup in
> the applications and b) fix bugs that cause crashes...

c) make sure you can start the application from a debugger without causing
any adverse effects

> Havoc


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