Re: XFree 4.2 & Gnome

Can you write full sentences? I'll guess at what you meant.

On Thu, 2002-02-28 at 14:28, Vaughn Given wrote:
> I upgraded my XFree to the 4.2 because I didn't have a 
[graphics card of]
> any kind with my RH7.2 installation on a Tosh 4600.
> After some tweaking of the XFree I now have a screen that 
[doesn't work and I can get]
> no Gnome nor KDE desktop... both give me an Xterm in the 
[default X background]
[Is this something like]
> Safe mode...[?] can I get out of this mode and/or how do I reinstall my
> Gnome desktop.

It sounds like your config settins have been messed with. You might
check the contense of your ~/.xinitrc file. From the sound of it you
should be able to run gnome-session from the xterm and have gnome run.

Try to fill out your question so it make some more sense.


> Thanks
> Vaughn
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