Gnome2: Why UI change? ( or why a Gnome user since 1.0 is contemplating leaving)

Thanks to Garnome I finally got enough of the Gnome 2 beta running in
order to try it out.

Gnome 2 is in many ways a tremendous improvement over Gnome 1.* and I
should be eagerly awaiting its official release.

Instead, a major change in the UI in Gnome 2 that goes against the UI
design of everything else available on Linux (KDE, Motif, Gnome 1.*,
Java, eventually Mono/.Net) as well as the Windows world (either
Windows itself or through wine) means that I will have to stop and
think which standard an application is following before dealing with
any dialog boxes.  Or instead just move to KDE.

Now I am sure the Mac way of having the yes/ok button on dialog boxes
at the lower right makes sense, however given that the rest of the
world (including Gnome) has long since standardized on yes/ok being at
the lower left why would Gnome change it now?

I, like many people, am in a position where I must use Windows and
even a Java Swing app.  I am sure when using Linux that I am using at
least one KDE based app.  All of this means that the change of the
layout of buttons increases the danger of doing the wrong thing (which
the whole point of standard UI design is to avoid this).  So why
should I accept this increased danger and stay with Gnome?

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