Re: stand-alone Gnome

> Sorry if this has been covered before elsewhere, but persistent googling
> hasn't located the necessary info.
> I don't want Gnome to handle the login process, but to be bootable by
> using e.g. startx or xinit. I have tried removing gdm from the startup
> scripts, but that completely disables Gnome, leaving me with straight
> IceWM. Starting Gnome from the command line, however, means that it asks
> me to log in again, and I can't quit Gnome without rebooting the whole
> machine!
> Can someone point me at a howto that explains how to do this? If it
> makes any difference I'm running Debian-potato, but with 2.4.9 kernel.
> Regards,
> Dominic
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I don't know much about debian, but in general, go to /etc/inittab and set the run-level to 'multi-user with network' (SuSE it is run-level 3, whereas graphical login is run-level 5). Thus, after reboot you will have the standard login (no X). Put into /etc/profile or ~/.profile the statement 'export WINDOWMANAGER=PATH_to_Gnome_bin/gnome-session. If you do then a 'startx' at the command prompt, X and gnome will be started with the windowmanager you defined in gnome as the default. If you just want to have plain X with icewm, do a 'export WINDOWMANAGER=icewm' at the command prompt followed by 'startx'.


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