Re: Resetting galeon

> I, and a couple of the users on my network, have been using galeon 1.0.3
> for a little while. However, some setting has caused slashdot and
> newsforge to stop displaying properly; before we started changing the
> "Preferences" settings, they displayed correctly. The intro text to
> stories is displayed in a narrow vertical column instead of as it was
> before. We have tried setting all of the things in
> "Settings>Preferences" back to where they once were, but it doesn't fix
> the problem. I even wiped out my .galeon directory in hopes of
> eliminating the elusive setting, but no luck. So, how can we reset
> galeon back to complete defaults, and what directories/files hold all of
> the galeon configuration settings? Thanks for the pointers.

Have you perchance been playing with Gnome2? I've run into Galeon
problems every time I've tried out the vicious build scripts (that is,
problems when I'm running the "official" 1.4 Gnome). Pages load
incorrectly, my "smart bookmark" boxes get permanently resized to 1 (and
ignore the preferences setting), and other fun stuff.

The only way I found to reset it was to uninstall, and then reinstall,
galeon and mozilla. But maybe someone else will have a less drastic
solution handy. ;-)

Travis Saling
Webmaster, UW Electrical Engineering
trav u washington edu / webmaster ee washington edu
(206) 543-8984

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