Re: Gnome2 and viewports

Travis Saling <trav u washington edu> writes:
> I didn't want to bring this up on gnome-devel because 1) I'm not
> currently a developer and 2) they are rather busy right now. ;-)  But...
> Is it true that Gnome2 is going to be eliminating support for viewports?
> If so, I think it sucks; doubly so since Gnome/Sawfish doesn't seem to
> have a simple non-keystroke method of switching between workspaces (a la
> Enlightenment's mousewheel support). I find viewports quite handy; when
> I'm forced to use Windows, the first thing I do is make sure jspager is
> installed. :-)
> Maybe I'm an atypical user, but I find the viewport+edge-flipping
> functionality quite indispensable when I'm working with a lot of files
> at once, for example in gimp - it allows me to easily and temporarily
> isolate a specific window I'm working with. Much easier than "menu" ->
> "move to" or having to drag things around using the deskguide (then
> switching workspaces, then ...).

What you want is edge flipping, not viewports. Edge flipping can be
done for either viewports or virtual desktops. The point about losing
viewports is that viewports/desktops are just two ways of implementing
"workspaces."  Some features are arbitrarily attached to one or the
other implementation of workspaces, but not for any good reason. You
could just as easily have one kind of workspace, with all the features


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