Re: Windows Borders Disapear

ArielC wrote:

Hello all,
I'm running gnome1.4 on a solaris 8 (Ultra 10) machine.  About twice a
day all borders from every window that I have opened disappear, and my
workspaces disapear leaving only one workspace.  The only way to get it
back to normal is by opening control center and selecting another window
manager then reverting back to sawfish.  Once I'm back to 'normal' I
then have to go through my task list and select all the items in there
to make sure there are no windows hiding somewhere.  This takes about 5
minutes to do this and usually happens about twice a day and it's become
extremely annoying.

I've experienced this problem also. In my case this is happening when I'm trying to combine Gnome 1.4 on Solaris with Gnome 1.2 on RH 7.X. My home directory automounts on whatever box I'm on and once in a while I have to rename the .gnome-* directories to get the Linux to be happy with the Solaris gnome. When sawfish craps out I use the footprint to run sawfish and
save the day. I haven't yet trussed it yet because it is irreproducible.

I have gone through my settings and I can't see anything there that
would result in this problem.
I've removed my .gnome dir but I stil have the same problem.

Anyone seen this before?

Thanks in advance.


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