Re: evolution vs sawfish

I've actually seen this with a LOT of applications (gnome-terms, galeon,
gimp, etc), so I doubt it's program specific, it's probably a sawfish

What I've also seen occasionally is this:
When using the crux theme, I can quickly move into a window, and it'll
START giving it focus (and the part of the window frame gets drawn in
blue for focused versus grey for unfocused), and then think better of
it, at which point something else (an old terminal, nautilus, etc.)
keeps focus, but PART of the other window frame is drawn like it's got

My workaround is the same as yours; when it happens, I start mousing
more slowly.

On Tue, 2002-02-12 at 15:31, Chris Rouch wrote:
> I use sawfish with enter-exit focus. If I have evolution open, with a
> gnome-terminal on either side, and try to move focus from one terminal
> to the other quickly, evolution gets the focus even if the mouse ends
> up over the terminal. If I move more slowly (so that evolution is
> visibly focused before I move to the other terminal) then everything
> works as expected. This doesn't happen if I do the same thing with
> galeon, or other terminals. It looks as if evolution is grabbing the
> focus and refusing to let go.
> Has anyone else seen this and have a workaround?
> (If anyone wants to suggest an alternate mail reader, please do, but
> I've already tried and rejected exmh, kmail, sylpheed, balsa and mutt
> for a variety of reasons).
> Regards,
> Chris
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