Mailbox folders encoding

I'm using courier imap on a Linux Box and my client is outlook Express 6.0
with win98 and Evolution with linux 2.4

I created with OE a folder named "Éléments envoyés" (Sent items).

On the Linux filesystem, in my Maildir directory, the name is
".&AMk-l&AOk-ments envoy&AOk-s".
It appears also like that in Evolution.
Messages contents displays properly with OE or Evolution
My win98 cp is 850, I'm using a French version and don't want to change it.

How could I do to use this folder with its normal name and working special
chars in Evolution ?

Courier IMAP user-ml answered that :

>This is a rare instance of Outlook Express properly implementing RFC 2060,
>namely section 5.1.3:
>"5.1.3.  Mailbox International Naming Convention
>  By convention, international mailbox names are specified using a
>  modified version of the UTF-7 encoding described in [UTF-7].  The
>  purpose of these modifications is to correct the following problems
>  with UTF-7:
>[ ... ]
>The weird folder name created by OE is actually the special encoding used
>for international characters in folder names.  Apparently Evolution does
>yet implement this encoding, so you see crap instead.

Could you tell me more ?

Thanx for any help, could you CC me because I didn't subscribed to the list


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