GThread system may only be initialized once

Hello everybody,

I'm using Glimmer 1.0.8 and a i want to upgrade it to 1.2.1.  So i
downloaded the source code and i compile it without any problem, i
install it and then when i'm trying to run it... it show up the splash
window and then crashes saying the following message:

GThread-ERROR **: GThread system may only be initialized once.
Abortado (core dumped)

It is pretty strange because i updated it in my house (Mandrake 8.1
without Ximian) and it is running very well...
but here in my work place doesnt work (Mandrake 8.0 With Ximian and last

What is the problem... i really would like to update Glimmer.

Note: Glimmer 1.0.8 is installed by Compilation, not RPM packages.


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