Re: What do gnome users draw with?

Paul Johnson wrote:
I have an old copy of Corel draw. I liked that OK, but can't run it anymore. The Windows box died!

In Linux, I tried the program Sketch, which many people like, but can't find RPM packages for RH 7.2 that run (are consistent with python and python-imaging). ( I tried rebuilding their srpm, but it fails because it can't do what it wants to do without root access, and I don't want to encourage that behavior, so I threw it out ). I fished around the internet quite a bit and came up with several packages for Sketch, but I kept running into the problem that the Python library I have does not match up. And I am afraid to swap out Python because a lot of gnome/ximian stuff depends on it.

I like Dia and can draw many "straight line" things with it, but can't get where I want when I want to draw wavy lines and other miscellaneous ovals/circles.

So, I'm open for suggestions.

Tried sodipodi?

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