Re: Ximian (?) Gnome 1.4 menu panel question

> Travis, for every entry in the menu, there is a
> coresponding <item>.desktop file. These files describe
> characteristcs of each menu item, such is the path and
> icon location. These files are generaly located in the
> <gnome-prefix>/share/gnome/ sub-directories. Each
> sub-directory below that coresponds to a menu
> category. So Utilities directory would coresponds to
> Utilities menu item. For Eterm you'll need to edit
> <gnome-prefix>/share/gnome/apps/System/Eterm.desktop
> file. Find the Icon= field and enter a path for
> Eterm's icon. Mine looks like this 
> Icon=/opt/gnome/share/pixmaps/gnome-eterm.png
Hi Gary, 

I appreciate the reply. It sounds to me like you're referring to the
menu items in the "Programs" menu though - I have Eterm icons there.
What I am talking about is, on the type 5 panel at the top of the screen
("menu panel" in Ximian's parlance), to the right of the clock there's a
drop-down list of currently running tasks. Most tasks have an icon, with
the noteable exceptions of Eterm windows and Evolution mail messages
(although the Evolution main window does display an icon). 

If I add a tasklist to a panel (normally I don't run the tasklist), The
Eterm entries there don't have a real icon there either; they have the
generic "fake" one. So I'm guessing it is some Gnome-wide setting. It
isn't just Gnome apps that have an icon defined though - Nedit has one.

Travis Saling
Webmaster, UW Electrical Engineering
trav u washington edu / webmaster ee washington edu
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