Re: Ximian (?) Gnome 1.4 menu panel question

Travis, for every entry in the menu, there is a
coresponding <item>.desktop file. These files describe
characteristcs of each menu item, such is the path and
icon location. These files are generaly located in the
<gnome-prefix>/share/gnome/ sub-directories. Each
sub-directory below that coresponds to a menu
category. So Utilities directory would coresponds to
Utilities menu item. For Eterm you'll need to edit
file. Find the Icon= field and enter a path for
Eterm's icon. Mine looks like this 



--- Travis Saling <trav u washington edu> wrote:
> Hi there,
> In the drop-down tasklist that is at the far right
> side of the menu
> panel (to the right of the clock), I noticed that
> occasionally an app
> (most notably Eterm) doesn't have an icon displayed
> alongside the
> appropriate entries there. Most other apps, such as
> evolution, nedit,
> and galeon, do have their icons displayed next to
> their text entry. I'd
> like to add an icon for Eterm - where are those
> icons specified?
> -- 
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