Re: Gnome to be based on .NET?

On Mon, 2002-02-04 at 04:52, Crispin Wellington wrote:
> Theres a thread ATM on gnome-devel-list called "GNOME, .Net and Mono"
> which you should read to get the deveopers position on this.
> I think Miguel's getting free (as in price) and Free (as in freedom)
> confused.

How is he doing that?  Neither Mono nor GNOME are, or are going to be,
closed source.  X11 license is just as (well, heck, more) free as the
GPL/LGPL GNOME uses now.  *And*, adding Mono interfaces/wrappers to
GNOME wont force GNOME to use another license.

The only issue I see is getting Mono tied into GNOME - there are lots of
apps and such in GNOME that are GPL only, which can't be linked to
closed source implementations/enhancements of .Net based on Mono.  Geez,
look at that, GNOME is hindering .Net in that case, not the other way
around. ~,^

I don't see how it would be possible to close up or restrict the freedom
of GNOME users.  The worst that can happen is that GNOME users can be
locked out of potentially useful and powerful software simply because
for totally non-technical reasons.  (Note: I don't really understand the
GPL in regards to, say, a GPL -> X11 -> proprietary linkage, so I could
be really wrong here.) 

*I'd* like to see all of GNOME switched to a more Free license, but I
have a feeling very few of the GNOME developers agree with me there. 
^,^  Heck, I'll probably be massively flamed here for sharing my
personal opinions on licenses.

> my 2c
> Crispin
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