Re: 'Panel' displayed 15 times in tasklist on Desktop Guide (pager)

John Mellor wrote:

In the tasklist off the desktop guide I get a most useful and
informative list of all my open windows, be they shaded, minimised or
whatever, and what virtual desktop they reside on. I also get the entry
'panel' 15 times, corresponding quite obviously with my two Gnome panels
and thirteen drawers on those panels. I cannot see the need for them and
I don't want them cluttering up my window list. Can anyone please tell
me how to get rid of them?

I'm not sure you want to "rebuilt" your gnome desktop , but deleting the /home/.gnome file will reset the window manager ( after restart a new configuration file will appeared and the problem should be solved ).
If this will help...
Franco Azzano

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