'Panel' displayed 15 times in tasklist on Desktop Guide (pager)

I have raised this topic twice now and have yet to get any response. As
I find it intensely irritating and it spoils greatly the pleasure and
elegance of Gnome I shall try once more. I feel sure it cannot be
terribly difficult for someone who knows about these things.
	In the tasklist off the desktop guide I get a most useful and
informative list of all my open windows, be they shaded, minimised or
whatever, and what virtual desktop they reside on. I also get the entry
'panel' 15 times, corresponding quite obviously with my two Gnome panels
and thirteen drawers on those panels. I cannot see the need for them and
I don't want them cluttering up my window list. Can anyone please tell
me how to get rid of them? Also if possible how to get the names of my
desktops (set up in Sawfish) to appear as tooltips on the Desktop Guide.
I have checked and unchecked the relevant boxes in the Desktop Guide
	I seem to remember having a similar problem with 'gmc' when I used

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