Re: Status of Help functionality for GNOME2 components

On Wed, Apr 24, 2002 at 07:10:36PM +0500, satyajit  kanungo wrote:
> Nautilus                       73078    Patch in bugzilla

The Nautilus help needs to be enabled by linking to the Nautilus chapter in
the new Users Guide. I've added a note to the bug report to this effect.

> Control-Center                 79643    Patch in bugzilla
> Yelp                           79482    To be re-done (as per Mikael
> Hallendal)
> Glade                          79480    To be re-done (as there are
> multiple help files)
> Unknowns:
> - Applications having more than one xml help file.

The help API allows for multiple files by using the convention
"ghelp:docid". While in most cases docid=appname, that is not required,
allowing multiple help documents to be be linked from the help manual, as
Nautilus 1.0.x did.



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