Status of Help functionality for GNOME2 components

Hi All,

I'm trying to enable Help on all applications/applets for Gnome2.
Here is the status of some components. There is still some unkowns
as listed at the end.

Component                      Bug ID   Status
----------                     ------   ------
Calculator                     78525    Committed to cvs
Character Map                  78527    Committed to cvs
Meat Grinder                   78744    Committed to cvs
Gdict                          78745    Committed to cvs
System Log monitor             79146    Committed to cvs	
Gsearchtool                             Committed to cvs (jfleck)
Profterm/GNOME Terminal        73979    Committed to cvs
Eye Of GNOME                   79156    Patch in bugzilla
Ghex                           79158    Patch in bugzilla
Panel                          76651    Patch in bugzilla
Nautilus                       73078    Patch in bugzilla
Control-Center                 79643    Patch in bugzilla
Yelp                           79482    To be re-done (as per Mikael
Glade                          79480    To be re-done (as there are
multiple help files)
Control Center Capplets                 To be done
Ghostviewer                             To be done
GnomeAbout                              No Help button/meni item
Gnome-CD                                No Help button/menu item
GMix                                    No Help button/menu item
Sound Recoder

- Applications having more than one xml help file.

  Applications using GNOMEUIINFO_HELP macro has a menu "Help Contents" 
under "help" clicking on which opens the document file for the
 How to link it to multiple files ? 
- Enabling "Help on ..", the right click menu item from Panel launchers
  This uses the path given in "Documentation" textbox in Properties 
dialog.This finally calls 
  yelp ghelp:<component>/<component-help-file>.xml
  which is currently causes an assertion failure.

- Enabling help for Applets (being discussed in #73312)

 Would like to hear comments on the above unknowns.


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