Re: mozilla do not work

The nautilus-mozilla component only works with the mozilla version it was
compiled with. Also I believe the official gnome branch of nautilus only
supports up to 0.96 though redhat and others have got it to work with 0.98 not
sure about 0.99. Another option would be to download galeon 1.2 with the
galeon view included(i don't think debian builds it by default) which works
with 0.99 and is more likely to be actively maintained over the mozilla 1.0.x


Dominic Wellington <dominic wellington ntlworld com> said:

> I have a better one - after upgrading my Mozilla binary to 0.9.9 with 
> apt-get Mozilla and everything that uses it (e.g. the built-in web 
> browser in Nautilus) just quit. No pop-up messages, no console messages, 
> no nothing...
> I haven't tried compiling my own yet - the linux box is a server, so 
> having a web browser on it is not high priority. I just wondered if this 
> had happened to anyone else. This was with Debian-potato and Ximian Gnome.
> I'll post again once I get round to compiling the source.
> Dominic
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