SBLive - kernel 2.4.17

I recently reformatted and reinstalled debian. I'm running sid. I have
sound when using xawtv, but all other applications have no sound (games,
mp3 playing, etc..)

It's not a permissions issue, because this is true for the root user as
well. Here is the output from mpg123:
Directory: /media/audio/mp3s/Singles/
Playing MPEG stream from Pink - Get The Party Started(1)(1).mp3 ...
MPEG 1.0 layer III, 192 kbit/s, 44100 Hz stereo
libao - OSS cannot set rate to 44100
Can't find a suitable libao driver. (Is device in use?)

Does anyone have any ideas? I have SBLive support compiled directly into
the kernel.


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