Gnome 1.4 panel has no memory

Dear People

I'm using Gnome 1.4 on SuSE Linux 7.2.

Problem: the panel refuses to remember added applets.  For example, if I
right click on a panel and choose

Panel | Add to panel | $anything

the chosen object is added to the panel.  However, next time I log on,
it has disappeared.  Choosing 'Save current session' from the Control
Centre has no effect.

Please can anyone answer any of the following questions:

1.  Is this a 'known bug' which has been fixed and if so which packages
should I update?

2.  In which files are panel properties saved (especially panel applets)
and (how) can I change them manually (e.g. with a text editor)?  I've
trawled through the ~/.gnome* directories to no avail.

Any leads at all would be appreciated.  If I am posting to the wrong
list, or if more information is needed please let me know.  If there's
an FM I should R (beyond the user's guide) again please let me know.


Ivan Uemlianin

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