bad libraries in RH-7.1???

I've been having problems for months now with Gnomecal crashing when I
leave it running over night.  Lately I upgraded my Evolution to beta4,
and it seems like it may be having a similar problem (the Summary
component crashed, even though everything else remained running).  I
don't have any cron jobs other than RH's defaults, so I doubt these are
causing any problems.

Finally, Evolution seems to be continuing to crash (segfault) every time
I exit it.  I submitted this bug some time ago to bugzilla ximian com,
then eventually received an email saying it had been fixed in CVS.  This
was with Beta3.  Should I assume the bug was fixed in Beta4?  Has anyone
else experienced this with Beta4, on RH-7.1, with Ximian-gnome and
sawfish (I don't use Nautilus either...if that could make a
difference)?  Or is it possible that these problems, (Evolution Summary,
Gnomecal, Evolution exit) are all related to incompatible or corrupted
libraries on my workstation?

I realize all this seems a little vague, but these problems don't seem
to be experienced by many, if any other people, and I don't have the
knowledge to dig into the source code and debugging information to make
any sense of things myself.  Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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