Gnome Panel in FVWM2

I have the following setup for FVWM2 in .fvwm2rc,

AddToFunc "InitFunction"
+                           "I" Module FvwmAudio
+                           "I" Module FvwmAuto 500
+                           "I" Module FvwmCommandS
+                           "I" Module FvwmEvent
+                           "I" Module FvwmPager 0 0
+                           "I" Module FvwmAnimate
+                           "I" Module FvwmTheme
+                           "I" Module FvwmGtk
+                           "I" Module FvwmSave
+                           "I" Module FvwmSaveDesk
+                           "I" Desk 0 0
+                           "I" Exec panel &
+                           "I" Exec xv -root /usr/local/pics/linux.jpg -quit

If I comment out the last "Exec xv...." function, then I do get a blue
background for my desktop. I can select from the GNOME panel a background
which only stays for that session. When I quit FVWM and on relogin, I get the
blue background. Why is my background setting in the GNOME panel not being


Subba Rao
subba9 home com           
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