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On Wed, Sep 05, 2001 at 03:24:40PM +0100, Keith Powell wrote:
> Firstly, how do I get shortcut icons on to the desktop in order to 
to run 
> programs?  With KDE it's simply a right mouse click and select the "Link to 
> Application" item on the menu which appears. With Gnome, I can find no way of 
> doing it. I prefer icons to wading through menus, and on my KDE desktop I 
> have a lot of icons linking to various things. I have searched all through 
> the documentation and menus, plus trying with the mouse, but no luck.

You can put stuff on the desktop by dragging it out of the menu. IOW find 
the app you want in the/a menu then left click and drag onto the desktop.

> Secondly, how do I mount the CDROM? Again I can find no way of putting a disk 
> drive icon on the desktop. The menu which comes up after right clicking on 
> the desktop only lists the floppy drive, not the CD. I have installed the 
> drive applet, but that too only shows the floppy (with an error message about 
> the fstab file). Editing the /etc/fstab file makes no difference (unless I am 
> editing it incorrectly). The FSTAB manual doesn't help, neither does the 
> applet manual. I wondered if the drive automounted when I inserted the disk, 
> but it doesn't.

My fstab entry looks like this

/dev/cdrom      /mnt/cdrom      iso9660  user,exec,dev,suid,ro,noauto 1 1

and when I right click on the desktop the Disks->CD-ROM Nautilus will 
mount the cdrom and add an icon to the desktop. Once mounted when I right 
click on the cdrom icon I can select Unmount Volume and it umounts it and 
ejects the cd.

> I am running SuSE 7.2 and Gnome 1.4 which is part of the distro.

Mandrake 8 and ximain gnome. YMMV. Do SuSe use some kind of automount 
arrangement? (like MDK8 does by default and RH sort of had a while back). 
If they do and it works then you just need to create a link to /mnt/cdrom 
(or where-ever it's mounted) and every time that link is accessed it will 
try to mount any media in the device. By default linked directories look 
like folders but if you right click on the icon and select Show Properties 
and then Select Custom Icon you can change it to a cd icon.


> Again, sorry if these problems are too basic. Until I can get past them, I 
> can't use the gnome desktop.
> Any help will be very gratefully received.
> Many thanks
> Keith
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