Re: Ximian Red Carpet

On Tue, Nov 06, 2001 at 10:45:07PM -0500 or thereabouts, Henry Katz wrote:
> Robert Sean Hartnett wrote:
> > For an unknown reason Red Carpet is no longer working for me. I start it
> > up and the splash screen just sits there like a dead fish.
> > To kill it I have to go to a command line and do a kill -9 on the
> > process. Anyone have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?
> strace
> ltrace
> tcpdump
> shall I continue?

On this list? If you expect that to be any help then you had 
better continue and _explain_ them, yes; since those are all 
command line programs which I don't think a Gnome  user should 
have to be familiar with. strace doesn't even exist on 
Solaris ('truss'). ltrace has a man page description that 
doubtless makes sense to hackers, and then spoils it with a 
bug of "Manual pages and documentation are not very up-to-date" 
(on Linux). And tcpdump is frankly arcane magic as far as 
I'm concerned, and I not not particularly afraid of the command
line, and seems complete overkill to me. 

What will tcpdump (or ethereal, which at least has a nice gtk
interface) tell you that "ping" won't?

strace may help, but it might be worth explaining how one interprets
the results -- or even captures them into a file to read. And 
before that, just running "red-carpet" at the command-line might
produce some helpful output, and it will be a lot simpler than
the output of strace.

I apologise if the original questioner knows all about these
commands and how to use them; but I think three commands and
"shall I continue?" is not particularly helpful.


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