Re: backspace-delete problem

--- Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> wrote:
> It interacts with the "swap backspace/delete" option
> somehow. If you try all four possible combinations
> you might get what you want...

No such luck. The "Delete generates DEL/^H" doesn't
seem to do anything with "Swap Delete/Backspace"
unchecked. Both keys send Backspaces.

> I have "Swap delete/backspace" checked and "delete
> generates del/^h" unchecked, and I get DEL for
> backspace and ^[[3~ for delete.  This is the Right
> Thing as documented at
> which is sort of the de facto Linux standard anyhow.

I don't care what Debian does. I need the Backspace
key to send a Backspace (^H) (easy to do, but I can't
seem to get the Delete key to send a Delete).

> I started a flamewar about the dumbness of these
> options and the UI for them at the time they were
> added. ;-) A possible UI improvement might be:
>  -- Terminal workarounds -----------------                     
>  |                         ESC [3~
>  |  Backspace key sends:  [ASCII DEL]
>  |                         ^H                          
>  |                         ASCII DEL
>  |  Delete key sends:     [ESC [3~  ]
>  |                         ^H                          

That seems much clearer than the present situation. Of
course, you still have to get it to work. :)


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