Re: performance degrades

Thusly Thwacked By Matthias Warkus:
> +++ Wed, May 30, 2001 at 10:08:33PM -0700 +++
> Jeff Coppock e-mails me. Film at 11. Reply right now, after the break.
> >    I've noticed that the performance on my desktop slows down
> >    after suspending and resuming.  If I restart X, is picks back
> >    up again. 
> That's a very general statement. I'm afraid it doesn't tell us all
> that much.

   Yes, sorry for being vague.  The thing I really notice is
   moving the cursor around inside windows (terminals, editors,
   etc.).  Opening new terminals/windows is a tad slower...they
   don't quite pop up, there's a barely noticeable delay.  It's
   not a major slowdown and still runs faster than my PII-333
   system (this PC is a PIII-750).  Basically it's a slight drop
   in screen reponse.
> >    Is there something that can be done to retain top-speed after
> >    suspending and resuming?
> Have you got a CPU/load/memory monitor installed? Try to find out what
> it is that harms your computer's performance: maybe it's spurious
> processes, maybe it's one process running amuck, maybe it's something
> consuming way too much memory.

   I keep checking using gnome monitor, ps, top, etc., and I'm
   not finding any processes that shouldn't be running nor any
   processes taking up more resources than they should.  I'm 
   focusing on the Xwindows processes since screen response is
   the issue.

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