RE: GNOME Window Manager

  Dear Mawarkus,

  What I liked in your last reply was when you said, "I don't know that this
is worth our time and effort." (paraphrased)
  That very well may be the case; there is a tall list of things to do, and
I do not know how GNOME chooses what GNOME does.
  I suspect that it is a mixture of scheduling and people randomly

  Here's what I think would be a good idea for considering for scheduling:
  Work on a public interface for window managers, so that they can
communicate their capabilities, and have those capabilities remotely
enabled, disabled, and configured.

  Then, in people's randomly contributed, relatively unexpensive time:
  Hook things up on either side of the interface.

  Then SawFish could be made malleable to GNOME.

  Building an interface is a task in itself, but I think it's a smaller

  Take care,
    Lion =^_^= . o O ( Yep, I had more to say... )

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