Re: Update-Alternatives (Revised)

update-alternatives originates from debian so any LM rpm package that
provides any of these programs mentioned in my /etc/alternatives directory
should be using update-alternatives:

high highs-compis:/etc/alternatives$ ls
README                  javac_g            ncftp.1.gz
appletviewer            javac_g.1.gz       netscape
appletviewer.1.gz       javadoc            oxdvi.bin
awk                     javadoc.1.gz       pager
awk.1.gz                javah              qt
c++                     javah.1.gz         rcp
c++.1.gz                javah_g            rcp.1.gz
cc                      javah_g.1.gz       rlogin
cc.1.gz                 javakey            rlogin.1.gz
civ                     javakey.1.gz       rmic
civ.6.gz                javap              rmic.1.gz
communicator            javap.1.gz         rmiregistry
csh                     javaverify         rmiregistry.1.gz
csh.1.gz                javaverify.1.gz    rsh
ctags                   javaverify_g       rsh.1.gz
dictionary              javaverify_g.1.gz  serialver
disptmpl.h              jdb                serialver.1.gz
editor                  jdb.1.gz           srchpref.h
editor.1.gz             jre                ssh-askpass
ex                      jre.1.gz           ssh-askpass.1.gz
ex.1.gz                 jre_g              tclsh
expect                  jre_g.1.gz         tclsh.1
expect.1             tixindex
expectk              tixwish
expectk.1               lber.h             tixwish.1.gz
ftp                     ldap.h             vi
ftp.1.gz                ldap_cdefs.h       vi.1.gz
guile                   ldap_features.h    view
guile-snarf            view.1.gz
ipfw.4.gz        w
ipfwadm                 liblber.a          w.1.gz
ispell-dictionary.aff         wish
ispell-dictionary.hash       wish.1
itclsh                  libldap.a          x-session-manager
itclsh.1               x-session-manager.1.gz
itkwish              x-terminal-emulator
itkwish.1               moc                x-terminal-emulator.1.gz
jar                     mpg123             x-window-manager
jar.1.gz                mpg123.1.gz        x-window-manager.1.gz
java                    native2ascii       xdvi.bin
java.1.gz               native2ascii.1.gz  xkeycaps
java_g                  navigator          yacc
java_g.1.gz             nawk               yaccman
javac                   nawk.1.gz
javac.1.gz              ncftp

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* ICQ: 7325429 JID: high jabber org
* web:

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