gdm Denied XDMCP query

gdm Denied XDMCP query from Host x.x.x.x

Fatal Server Error: XDMCP Fatal Error:
Manager unwilling
Host unwilling

I just finished setting remote X terminals on
Redhat 7.0, ran great.
I then decided to install a second nic
and have X terminals only on 
that leg. Every thing goes fine and is
configured correct as I know. 
When the client starts X right before
the login screen appears the 
screen flashs several times and dumps
with the above message.
I figured this to somehow involve the
Xaccess file. My Xaccess file is 
configured properly with just the ' * '
to allow all clients.
As I said, I had this all working fine
until I added the second nic.
I've updated all the config files,
dhcpd, gdm.conf, host files etc.
Somehow I think the host thinks
it's an untrusted query 
because of the new ip address?
Any ideas on where to go from here once
Xaccess file is known to 
be be correctly configured and still get
the Denied query?

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