Making a "world wide" configuration?


I explain my problem: we have about 150 users on our server. I want
to make them all switch to gnome (as kde 2 is terrific!).

I want to be able to fix a starting configuration for every user:
 for example: using sawfish, using a predefined theme and colours
 (we use x-terminals...).

How to do this? the first idea is to copy all my .gnome* directories
and the .sawfish directory to each user; but this is not good, as many
files contain references to my home directory, or to my own mail
directory. Ok, I can make a script to change this, but this not a very
nice task!
Any idea?

Thierry Dumont. MAPLY (Maths Appliques de Lyon-UMR 5585 CNRS).
Univ. Lyon I,43 Bd du 11 Novembre 1918, 69622 - Villeurbanne Cedex - France.
Thierry Dumont maply univ-lyon1 fr  web:

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