Re: Can't install Gnome 1.4

Yep, apparently I had installed a preview version of nautilus a while back
and it installed freetype2.1-beta8-eazel_1 (or something really close to
that).  I removed that file with an 'rpm -e' (and had to remove a bunch of
nautilus files too) then re-ran the Red Carpet installer and now it is
happily installing Gnome 1.4 on my system.


Darin Adler wrote:

> On Wednesday, May 16, 2001, at 11:48  AM, Sean Murphy wrote:
> > Package nautilus-1.0.2-ximian.2 has a conflict (freetype2 cannot be
> > installed)
> This error message indicates a problem installing freetype2. Perhaps you
> have a previous version of freetype on your system?
>      -- Darin
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