nautilus: too many open files....


I am using nautilus-1.0.3 on a SuSE-linux-platform with kernel 2.2.18.

While running nautilus, I experienced a rather inconvenient scenario a
couple of times now:

Applications starting their scheduled work (sendmail, trying to deliver,
f.e.) fail with "can't load shared library"-errors  (*panic*,
log-searching... relief...). These errors get induced by nautilus having a
list of open files which is longer than the remaining system alltogether.

Has anyone experienced similar problems and is there a possible fix
aparet from teaching my kernel to allow more open files  ?
I mean, it's a GUI, after all.... it shouldn't be able to block "real
tasks" the machine has to do.

It's to much eye-candy to just leave it, though  :)

		greets, drifter
drifter outerlounge de
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Even historians fail to learn from history -- they repeat the same
	-- John Gill, "Patterns of Force", stardate 2534.7

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