click/focus behavior in sawfish

This is, I think, a sawfish issue, but if someone on this list can help,
or verify that I should look elsewhere for help, please do.

My window focus is set to "enter-only".  Imagine I have one window
covered by another.  To focus the window in back, I move my mouse over
that window.  It is not raised automatically, but it does inherit the
focus, and I can type into it if I want (if it is an xterm, for
example).  However, imagine now that I wish to copy text from that
window by dragging a left-click across the text and highlighting it. 
This automatically raises the window...which is not what happened before
the most recent version of sawfish/gnome.

Probably related to this problem is the fact that I cannot click on
buttons without raising the window in back, and this usually takes two
tries anyway.  It seems to require a single click to raise the window,
then a click to activate the button.

This seems suspiciously like an intentional feature, not a bug, so I am
very much hoping that I can force the behavior back to normal, where I
can click on a covered window without raising it, and the actions of
this click will be passed to said window immediately.


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