Help needed: About gnome architecture - auditory desktop

I considering the possibility to develop a software to map the gnome
desktop and applications into an auditory desktop that will not
necessarily follow the same metaphor as the grafic one.  This would
create peers for each object in the desktop.

I really don't know where to start, I am reading the documents on the
gnome architecture, but the API is huge and it will take me a lot of
time just to know if can do what I want to do.

This is why I am asking for your help and maybe some pointers, including
of course the right mailing list to post this message to :) in case
there is one more appropiate.

At least I would need to know if I can do the following things (and

a1) be able to hook myself at the factory/destroy level, so that I can
create/destroy the peer objects at the same time that happens at Gnome. 
Even if it involves changing gnome-libs.  Actually I want to know if
there is a single entry point for all object creation/destruction.

a2) be able to traverse (walk) the whole tree of objects.

a3) be able to register myself so that I get informed each and every
time a object is created/destroyed/(modified?).

b) send events to widgets so that I can gateway the input from the
auditory desktop to the gnome desktop.

Thanks, Eduardo.

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