For some users, Gnome is pathetically slow. Not all

I've noticed this funny thing that points to configuration problems.  On
my system, I have 6 users. For some, the Gnome upgrade with doorman went
smoothly, for others it did not. For some, gmc still can show icons on
the background, for others, it cannot.

For one user, either nautilus startup or gmc startup takes about 4x as
long as for the other users, and just about everything else starts up
slowly.  For that user, even when gnome starts up, the login splash and
decorations appear slowly.  For that user, I nuked everything I could
find that was gnome related and restarted with no session manager, and
gmc was fast again.

In summary, I believe that upgrading Ximinan-1.4 on top of 1.2 messes up
something, possibly in configuration related to authentificaiton or the
gnome-name-server, which causes these problems. If you have a system
that seems really slow, consider creating a brand new user on your
system and don't let it select Nautilus when the desktop  question comes
Paul E. Johnson                       email: pauljohn ukans edu
Dept. of Political Science  
University of Kansas                  Office: (785) 864-9086
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