Re: RedHat 7.1 + Ximian problems?

On Mon, Apr 30, 2001 at 05:27:19PM -0400 or thereabouts, John Nelson wrote:

[original message about rpm --force --nodeps being evil vanished]
> But too often the root of the problem is the package you are trying to
> install.  How can I "fix it first" when the package itself should be
> capable of playing well with others, and doesn't!

I have to agree with the original post. Just blithely forcing it can
often create far more trouble. 

> And I'd love to fix it myself but too often the tools provided (RPM,
> GnoRPM, etc) aren't smart enough to obtain the correct versions for me.
> That means hunting for the right packages on the web... if you can find
> them and if they install without complaining.

GnoRPM is a front-end to rpm, and does include some search capability
which rpm doesn't have. But no. They're not typically like apt, which
does wander off and check dependencies. Conectiva produced a version
of apt for rpm; and I believe Mandrake may be using it in cooker? If
you must have that feature, then either switching distros or waiting
for RH or whatever you use to incorporate it is one option.

Loban did include some useful and lesser-known invocations of how
to find information in the message you snipped. Daniel Veillard has
set up rpmfind ( or or to be brighter about searching. 

If you haven't met rpmfind, it's well worth knowing about.

In absolutely all cases, if you got a collection of packages which
are supposed to work together, and they don't work with each other,
tell the packager. :) 


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